Game of Thrones  +  Braids
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  Favorite relationship(s)

Jon/Arya - Catelyn/Robb - Ned/Arya 
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[re: his role as Young Hitler]  I thought it was amazing, actually; I really liked it. To get into the mind of an innocent, untouched kid that goes on to become one of the maddest monsters the world has ever seen — as an 11-year-old, I was very excited by that.

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Game of Thrones  +  Necklaces

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Game of Thrones premiere in Milan

Game of Thrones premiere in Milan

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Game of Thrones meme - Seven quotes- [3/7]

"When the snows fall a hundred feet deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north. Fear is for the long night, when the sun hides its face for years at a time, and little children are born and live and die all in darkness while the direwolves grow gaunt and hungry, and the white walkers move through the woods.

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" I do not know your son, My Lady… but I could serve you if you would have me. You have courage. Not battle courage, perhaps, but, I don’t know, a woman’s kind of courage. And I think that when the time comes, you will not hold me back. Promise me that you will not hold me back from Stannis.”

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Natalie Dormer attends Christian Dior: Front Row at Paris Fashion Week Womenswear (September 26, 2014).

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Game of Thrones season 4 + scenery

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